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Inner Child, rebirth and patterning break through

Serenity Healing Cheshire Inner Child package
Serenity Healing Cheshire Angel Feather

I often notice that my client's find themselves on a similar journey to mine.

You may have connected with me through my counselling and therapy practice, as we’ve worked together on the inner child pain that seemed to inform the patterns and cycles you are experiencing now.

 Or perhaps you have connected with me directly for a healing because of a sense of inner turmoil?


One thing that I have found consistently, as we’re taking steps towards our personal healing and growth, is that as we open our hearts to release our deep-seated emotional pain and fears, we can get stuck at this point on our journey.

So often it’s our inner child's healing that holds the key to unlocking blocks, ease and true fulfilment of our divine purpose and destiny.


It was during my personal quest to heal my own inner child pain that guided my higher self to connect to my Transference Healing® lineage.


It's incredible methods and magic has helped me to profoundly heal my deep seated inner child pain.

The energy & healings have  helped me to reach this deep inner work, blocked by my deeply embedded wounding from my dna patterning and attachment style, rooted in my childhood and family line.  


By channelling cosmic & earth energies, divine light, 7th-dimensional frequencies and the soft pure vibrations that come through with a Transference Healing® such clarity, purification and clearing of emotions have enabled me to transcend and expand into my soul potential.

Its enabled me to clearly notice when my inner child pain was acting from my wounds and I have learned to recognise the triggers and finally broken through

that cycle of stuckness.

Unlock your potential with my 4 stage program

Inner child, rebirth, and patterning break through    program 


 7 hours of healing and self mastership

 including beautiful tools, tuition, a qualified* professional psychotherapeutic process to release emotions & blocks, guided meditation and

 3 comprehensive Transference healing® sessions.

*BACP registered counsellor and psychotherapist.


Receive a Full & Advanced Transference Healing and focused in person session to explore blocks and stuckness that seem to be blocking your healing, and personal growth. Often times we can play out our childhood wounds in our relationships and everyday lives.


This session's intention is to help you to identify & unlock these patterns.


Allow 2 hours




Connecting to my
Inner child


What does my
Inner child need?

In-person session to tune into your inner child needs.

 This session's intention is to support your purification process with a blend of psychotherapy interventions to support you to process and release deeper insights that may have come up from the previous healing session,  concluding with a

Child of Light mediation.



  • child of light meditation set, divined meditation & recording.


Allow 1.5 hours


Deep Inner child Connection & 5th Dimension Activation

Child of the light healing session - a beautiful complimentary healing that connects directly with your inner child. Full of light and a beautiful vibration, 5th Dimensional frequencies anchor into your essence, supporting you to connect to the authentic self, revealing the essence of your free child like self.

Exploring your inner child's Chiron wounding.


  • Crystal kit - your inner child's personalized crystals to support your healing.


Allow 1 hour


Completion &
on-going Journey action plan

Receive a completion, Full & Advanced Transference Healing in person session, which will reveal transformation and your healing progress, through insights and a sense of empowerment. Finally receive introductory healing tools to enable you continue your self mastery journey.


  • Beyond Doorways Book, written by Alexis Cartwright- the anchor and channel of Transference healing.

  • Personal Chiron Healing procedures tuition.

Allow 2.5 hours

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