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I often find that my clients find themselves on such a similar journey to the one that I have traveled on. You may have connected with me through my counselling practice, or directly for a healing? One thing that I have found that is so consistent is, as we are taking steps towards our hopes and dreams, opening our hearts to release our emotional pain we seem to get stuck in our growth, and so often it is our inner child's healing journey that has the key to unlocking this stuckness.


It was during my quest to heal my inner child pain that guided my higher self to connect to my Transference Healing® lineage. Its incredible methods and magic has helped me so profoundly to heal inner child pain that I found traditional counselling and psychotherapy alone found it hard to reach this deep inner work because of my deeply embedded blocks.  By channeling cosmic and earth energy, divine light, 7th dimensional frequencies and the vibrations that come through with a healing, such clarity, purification clearing of emotions enabled me to transcend so, that I could see so much more clearly when my inner child pain was steering the ship. 

Our patterns of behaviour in our present relationships do often repeat echoes of or childhood coping methods, which back then may have been adaptations to 'survive' a difficult experience. Coping through a childs lense often leads to unhealthy and unhelpful patterns if we repeat them in our adult life. For me, behaviours such as people-pleasing and denying my own needs to 'fix' others first became an embedded pattern needed to heal from and transcend to my true authentic self.

Inner Child Healin


Connecting to my inner child

Full advanced transference healing and focused 121 session to explore blocks and stuckness


Deep connection and healing  her needs 

Child of light healing

Exploring her chiron wounding 

Crystal kit - your inner child's personalized crystals to support your healing.


What does my inner child need when I'm upset?

121 session to hone into her needs when shes sad, frightened and alone. 

Child of light mediation set

child of light meditaion and recording 


Completion and  ongoing journey action plan

2 hourFull adavnced healing and recorded reading 

beyond doorwats book

chiron healing prodecdures 

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