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"A journey of personal growth and enlightenment"

Holistic and Complementary Therapy

Karen Anderson


Experience a holistic approach to your wellbeing.  

Join me as I guide and support you to connect to your divine soul purpose, embark on a personal journey of enlightenment, and awaken to the wonders of the universe.

SERENITY Healing Cheshire

A journey of personal growth and enlightenment

“Hello, I'm Karen, a registered Transference Healing® practitioner, teacher and Mystery School Graduate. 

I am honoured as an intuitive, empath, and channel to assist & support you, as you embark on your personal journey of growth, enlightenment and self mastery.

Originally and still also practising as a counsellor & psychotherapist, I have been of service within

helping professions for many years.

I have always valued and invested much time towards my own inner work, to enable me to offer the best support for my clients, and to fulfil my divine soul purpose.

It was through this quest that I was drawn to the incredible magic and divine lineage of Transference Healing®

It has become a way of life that has enabled a journey of personal growth, ascension, and connection to the light.

My latent intuitive gifts and talents have awakened profoundly, which has enabled me to offer deeper guidance

and support to my clients.

Healing sessions can offer the perfect partnership to my counselling & psychotherapy services, 

which I’m also honoured to assist you with. 

This beautiful modality has quite literally changed my life, enabling me to expand,

overcome limitations and follow my inner voice connecting with my divine soul purpose.

I am so delighted to support you on your own personal journey.

This beautiful energy healing modality paves the way for: 

1.  An awakening to spiritual and personal growth;

often easing your physical and mental health concerns .

2. Self-mastery, self healing capabilities and the gift of being of service to others. 

3. Ascension towards your Divine and Soul Purpose.

Alexis Cartwright is the Channel, Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing®.


Transference Healing® at SERENITY Healing Cheshire, enables empowerment, self-mastery, ascension and self-healing capabilities by connecting deeply with every fibre of your anatomy, consciousness, and spiritual being.  Tap into a high-frequency alchemical process, Discover ancient traditions using light-body (electromagnetic) procedures as channeled and taught by
Transference Healing® founder,

Alexis Cartwright.

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