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With You Every Step of the Way

As a general guideline, a monthly 'Alchemical & Lightbody' Transference Healing® is recommended.
If you are facing particular challenges, then a 2 weekly session investment can be hugely beneficial to shift through your blocks and support your overall wellness, during this time.




A beautiful introduction to the healing energies of Transference Healing®

A Beyond Doorways healing is a powerful session that will help you to maintain balance,

 raise your frequency and clear your energies.

This healing will provide you with clarity and enlightenment as you take a step closer to personal empowerment. 

Ideal if you are feeling stuck, tired, in need of change, want to let go, or just want to experience

Transference Healing®.

Alchemical change will be activated from within, to support you to integrate light and move forward with ease. 

Your investment:  £65 for Beyond Doorways 1 ( 30-45 mins )

£100 for Beyond Doorways 1& 2 ( 1 hour )

Transference Healing®


Step into the energies deeper

A Full & Advanced Transference Healing® is an incredible session that works to provide overall wellness and

support your ongoing growth. 

It is a more in-depth healing, helping you to gain greater clarity and delve into deeper levels of your patterning, which evolves with you over the next month or so.  This healing will initiate profound shifts for you, activating an alchemical healing response in your physical & etheric body.  Receiving these earth & cosmic frequencies will raise your consciousness, lift your vibration, and open your heart.  

A beautiful energy comes through for you and you will feel light in your body mind & soul.


It's generally a beautiful experience to receive; ideal to make the big changes you are seeking, and to gain clarity about your spiritual growth, helping you to identify and clear the blocks. This session will often manifest a physical purification and clear Lightbody symptoms in the body.


Your investment:  £135

(1 and half hours - 2 hours )




Transference healing Fundamentals 3 day training

Learn to run energy healings on yourself and loved ones

'Heal thy self'
Self Mastery & Self Healing - Train to run fundamental procedures on yourself.

In this comprehensive three-day Fundamental Training, you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light™ and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin running Transference Healing®. You will be guided through an energetic journey.
If you are 'called' to transference healing and its profound, magical, and life-changing healing experience, self-mastery often feels like the next step towards your ascension process.
We can explore this path together, as you embark on your ongoing healing journey.


3 Days Fundamentals Training

Your investment:£1,975 


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